Maintaining High Levels of Energy Savings from Utility Energy Efficiency Programs: Strategies from the Southwest

 This paper discusses the main strategies that electric utilities in the Southwest are employing or proposing in order to meet increasing energy savings  goals and standards, in spite of reduced savings potential (to utilities) because of recent federal efficiency standards and stronger building energy codes. These strategies include: 1) promoting behavior change in all sectors; 2) integrating demand response and energy efficiency efforts; 3) building the market for LED lamps; 4) implementing conservation voltage reduction in the distribution grid; 5) adding financing components to energy efficiency programs; 6) striving for deeper energy savings,higher program participation and continuous  improvement; and 7) supporting building energy code adoption and implementation. In addition,the paper provides an estimate of the energy savings potential of these seven strategies for a representative utility in the region. We estimate that the seven strategies in combination could yield 5.3 percent energy savings by 2020 as a result of programs and measures implemented during 2015-2020.

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